SEM® 655D Wheel Loader

SEM® 655D Wheel Loader

Cummins Engine

  • Optimized low speed torque capability and machine productivity
  • Strong torque delivery leads to higher breakout force
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency

Efficient Hydraulic System

  • Twin pump flow merging hydraulic system increasesmachine efficiency
  • The optimized hydraulic system paired with the drive
  • train reduces machine cycle time and increasesproductivity
  • Joystick hydraulic control for easy and preciseoperation

Operator Station

  • Premium operator station withbig space and superior visibility
  • Patented MAC mount providesless noise and increased comfort
  • Adjustable suspension seat
  • Sliding side window and AC withfresh air circulation provideoperator comfort
  • Single lever shifting is flexible andconvenient
  • Adjustable air flow outlet deliversbetter defrost performance

Reliable Drivetrain

  • Countershaft transmission with upgraded core componentsprovides high reliability
  • Large rim-pull in 1st gear and higher speed in 2nd gear provide high efficiency for load and carry applications
  • Clutch cutoff selection switch ensures stable and safe operation
  • Torque convertor structure is simple and efficiency is high
  • The SEM designed and built axle provides best in class performance in heavy duty applications

Advanced Cooling System

  • The standard cooling package provides high reliability in 50? ambient conditions.
  • Shock pad mounts ensure reliability under severe applications

Solid Structure

  • Structures undergo Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and On Machine Stress Analysis (OMSA) to ensure durability
  • Performance Series (PS) buckets improve loading capability


  • System pressure test ports are standard
  • Big angle engine hood side open door provides easy service access
  • Torque convertor is isolated from transmission making it easy to service


  • Safety design complies with all regulatory requirements
  • Caterpillar Production System (CPS) leveraged in manufacturing process
  • 3-point touching design provides convenient operator entering to cabin
  • Backup alarm ensures machine safety
  • Environmentally friendly painting process

Machine Applications

  • The sturdy design of the 655D makes it the perfect machine for large volume earthmoving applications
  • In Hopper feeding and Coal loading applications the 655D can load more, move faster and burn less fuel
  • Multiple work tools are available for increased versatility